Posted on 25-May-2018

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Migraine headache pain relief programme :

Migraine symptoms:
Migraines  are chronic,severe,recurring and painful  headaches . This migraine headaches varies person to person with different symptoms. Throbbing pain, nausea,eye pain and hyper acidity are main part.Sensitivity to  light and sound are very irritating.
Not all headaches represent migraine. Headache from tension are most common cause  of headaches.
Many patients described their headaches as a one side with various symptoms.
Some patients described , flashing lights in one   or both eyes.
Depression,anxiety,excitement and emotional moods can trigger a migraine.
Hyper acidity is on of the main cause of migraine.

Need solutions ?  how to relief, from severe migraine headache ?

Homeopathic treatment is the best for migraine headache.

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